Birthdays, life’s milestones, special holidays and occasions should never be forgotten, especially when it comes to your loved ones. When you sign up for ‘Forget me not’, and share your gifting calendar, you can be assured that the special people in your life are showered with the special treatment that they deserve—with a themed floral arrangement designed with a whole lot of love.


Weddings & Social Events

Our team at Marry Me – The Wedding Planners have years of experience in styling and planning the most elaborate weddings and related events. You may be very clear about what you want for your special day or you may need some professional suggestions. We at the House of Flowers will help you turn your vision into reality.



House of Flowers provides corporate clients a consistently innovative approach to floral styling and design. With clients in creative fields such as advertising, fashion, entertainment, finance and hospitality, we at the House of Flowers consistently strive to provide the highest degree of quality, creativity and service to every client.



Wouldn’t you love to have pretty flowers around your house? We at House of Flowers make this happen. Just choose your preferred arrangements and we will have them delivered and setup for you. And if you prefer, we can make note of your preferences and have your weekly arrangements sent over, just in case you forget!