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We hope you enjoyed shopping with us. We work hard to deliver bespoke floristry to your doorstop. Once delivered to your home, there are few simple rules that can help you enjoy your flowers a little longer.

If your flowers are delivered in a bouquet or vase:

1. Remove wrapping

2. Trim the stems at approx 1 inch from the ends of the stems at an angle.

3. Remove all foliage that lies beneath the water level as it will allow bacteria to grow faster and shorten your flower life.

4. Place your flowers in fresh water immediately. Make sure that all the stems are in the water.

5. Always make sure that the vase is cleaned throrougly to prevent bacterial contamination from previous use.

6. To refresh flowers, after 2-3 days remove any wilted blooms, re-cut the stems and replace fresh water.

If your flowers are delivered arranged in floral foam:

Make sure that the foam is moist at all times. You can top it up with water every few days. Ensure you do this above your sink or place a coaster below the vase to avoid spilling water onto your furniture.

A little more advice to help your flowers stay fresher for a longer time:

– Keep the vase or container in which the flowers are placed filled with fresh water. Even if it has floral foam, keep the water level high to ensure long lasting flowers.

– Most flowers prefer temperature between 18°C – 22°C and its best if the flowers are displayed away from direct sunlight. Also it is not advisable to place your flowers directly under a fan, as this can cause flowers to dehydrate.

– Avoid placing fresh flowers near rippening fruit. This releases tiny amounts of ethylene gas that can age them prematurely.

– Some flowers, for eg. Lilies will be delivered to you in a bud, to avoid damage while transportation and ensure longetivity.

– Be careful while handling lilies, as pollen might stain. Carefully remove anthers to ensure longer life of lilies.

– A special bit of advice about hydrangeas. It has a woody stem which needs to draw water for maximum vase life. If the blossom wilts prematurely, remove it from the setting, re-cut the stem at a sharp angle and place in warm water for at least an hour. The flower should be revived and ready to take its place in the vase again.