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Anantara Riverside

A tropical waterfront retreat in Bangkok city | Anantara Riverside

My favorite place to stay, or plan an event in Bangkok is always on the riverside, simply due to it being a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Anantara Riverside Resort & Spa is exactly that – the only resort property in Bangkok! To stay connected with the city, the hotel has a free shuttle boat every half hour to the nearest train station on the other side of the river.

The hotel is spread out on 11 acres right on the banks of the Chao Phraya River with beautiful gardens, traditional Thai design and brilliant service too. Our room at Anantara was elegant with the traditional Asian touches seen throughout the decor as well as the entire resort. The Thai inspired design was something we fell in love with! A balcony overlooking the greenery within this property as well as the river, rich Thai silks, beautiful furniture and extremely spacious… this room had it all!

And that’s not all – the hotel has 10 restaurants including the famous Japanese Teppanyaki steakhouse – Benihana and even Trader Vic’s. I really enjoyed the hotels bakery and deli – Numero Uno – the perfect place for a meeting, a quick bite, to catch up on some reading or to just indulge in some of the yummy bites on offer!

Apart from this, the hotel had some other interesting options – one of these – Manohra Cruise. This cruise offers authentic Thai dining while taking in the sights on the Chao Phraya River in a restored wooden rice barge! This is definitely a must experience for anyone visiting the city.

Something else we found very interesting was Dining by Design. A private cruise for two, an intimate meal in the garden, a candlelit dinner in a gorgeous setting – the hotel is ready to create a menu and ambience based on what you envision!

It’s very interesting to find out what is on offer at a hotel and what really makes a hotel different from others. At Anantara, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a whole lot! The hotel has ‘Gurus’ who are your keys to everything you need to know in the city. The Streetwise Guru will accompany you on a walking tour of the hidden side of Bangkok – street foods, markets, temples, all off the regular tourist trail – the Streetwise Guru will introduce you to all of it, I am told! Apart from this, there is also the Klong Guru, which is a tour along the canal to experience the sights and sounds as the locals do.

Here is something else I found out which was very interesting – the meaning behind the Anantara logo. The symbol, which looks like the letter A, is actually meant to be a water jug and Thai cushions if you look closer. In Thailand, people would leave a jug of water outside their homes to provide refreshment and a welcome to passing travellers. This is what the Anantara brand stands for! In Sanskrit, Anatara means ‘without end’, which symbolizes this generosity, warmth and hospitality from the heart which is the spirit of the Anantara Experience.